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6 in. x 6 in. x 42 in. In-Ground Post Decay Protection

by Aroom
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  • In-Ground Post Decay Protection for posts in soil or concrete
  • Simple installation and post longevity increased by 250%
  • Pole Barn, Deck, Fence, Pergola, Mailbox, any post-foundation job
About This Product

For 18 years, Post Protector has provided simple, slide-on 'barrier' protection for in-ground posts. It works in conjunction with the chemical preservative as an important additional layer of protection against soil-dwelling & atmospheric decay fungi & insect infestation. It's first important to understand decay. Many believe that moisture CAUSES decay. Moisture is not the cause of decay but is one of (3) conditions needed for decay to occur. The conditions: (1) Moisture, (2) Oxygen & (3) Suitable temperature. These conditions enable the soil-dwelling or atmospheric decay fungi, as well as termites & other subterranean insects, to feed on the wood fiber. So the Decay/Degradation of ground-contact wood is not CAUSED by moisture but by the action of wood destroying organisms feeding on the wood. The 'chemical preservatives' protection strategy is to 'poison' the wood fiber, rendering it an unsuitable food source for the wood destroying organisms. The downside to that approach is that all chemical preservatives eventually lose resistance to decay and insect infestation. Post Protector becomes the perfect complement to the pressure treated (or cedar) post by simply providing a physical "barrier" isolating the post so the wood-destroying organisms have NO access to the post.

  • Simple slide-on installation
  • Perfect for both Pro and DIY
  • Speed, affordability, and strength of a direct burial post while wood destroying organism have no post access
  • HDPE lightweight, flexible and strong; 449 years of in-ground service life
  • Integral uplift protection feature with Uplift protection hardware/installation instruction pack
  • Optional drainage feature
  • Minimizes chemical leaching into the environment
  • Attractive appearance-rich clay tone color with wood grain texture
  • Easily trims to desired height above grade
  • Stronger, faster, and less expensive than concrete pier and steel bracket method
  • Weed-eater protection
  • Fits the typical 6 in. x 6 in. post with the actual dimensions of 5-½ in. x 5-½ in.
  • Can also be used to create a removable in-ground post
  • Toll free tech-line for expert product information/installation assistance
  • Item is a quantity of 1 Post Protector
  • This SKU is for the standard solid 6x6 post(5-1/2" x 5-1/2") and will not fit 3 ply 2"x6" laminated posts
  • For 3 ply 2"x6" Post Protectors contact Post Protector customer service
  • Return Policy
Product ID #: 203165686Internet #: 662425028375Model #: 6642

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